If I were to say something like ‘Studying engineering is easy’, there will be some raised eyebrows. For some of you, this is a daunting experience and a big adjustment. Some adjust easily and thrive. But in reality, you could actually ‘engineer’ your way to make it easier.

Here is how to engineer your way to successful transition from life as a fresh first year engineering student to life as a highly productive engineering student.

  1. Study smart

You most likely will never see an engineering major who studies the learning material daily as most of them would likely to leave study to the last minute and still ace the exams! The key words here are ‘optimization’ and ‘collaboration’. One of the ways to maximize the absorbing and retaining of the information one needs is studying with a group of friends. This is a good platform for you to learn on how to work in a team, as whether you like it or not, most engineers work better in a team-oriented environment. Teamwork is just the right atmosphere for most engineers.


  1. Be bold

Ask questions. Hard questions. Your lecturers probably will not like it though if you ask too many questions in class. But it is important to build up your investigative sides. Ask important questions in class and save the rest if you have it for later. Engineers solve problems and to solve problems you have to know how to get the right and useful information.


  1. Boost your creativity

Consider joining local clubs and activities. Meet new people. Experience new things. Learn new language. Join classes. Play video games. All these will help you to develop your creativity. The world need more creative engineers.


  1. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

Young couple of students working at robotics lab

At times you are going to be put in stressful situations. Do things that help you relax and enjoy life. Learn work-life balance. And in your case is study-love-friendship-money-life balance. No matter what it is, live your life to the fullest.


At the end of the day, you will eventually learn how get things around and realized that although it might be hard sometimes, learning engineering is worth it. Because engineering is fun.