The WeDiet application won the gold award at “Minggu Penyelidikan dan Inovasi 2018” organised by UniSZA, UMT and Tati College. Photo courtesy Prof. Dr. Sakinah Harith.

Researchers from University Sultan Zainal Abidin (UnisZA) have developed a ‘WeDiet’ mobile app in their attempt to combat high obesity rate among Malaysians.

The app helps people get professional advice before embarking on a diet journey so they could avoid risking their health for choosing the wrong diet plans.

The head researcher, Prof. Dr. Sakinah Harith, said the app was the first in Malaysia to gather dietitians under one platform and so far has 20 dietitians onboard.

Users of the application can view the profiles of each dietitian and choose the one they prefer the most to help guide them with their nutritional needs.

The head researcher, Prof. Dr. Sakinah Harith, said that they hope they will be able to provide dietetic counselling based on the evidence-based practice which is proven scientifically to people.

“The application could also provide employment opportunity for dietetic graduates in Malaysia where they could apply to become freelance dietitians for the app.

“Dietitians who are registered under Malaysian Dietitian Association (MDA) can apply to become part of our team by providing proof of study at any of the accredited universities in Malaysia, their registration number with MDA and answer a nutritional question,” she said.

In conjunction with the fasting month of Ramadhan, Dr Sakinah and her team of dietitians have provided a special plan for the application users.

“For Ramadhan, we provide tailored menu and counselling for our users, especially for diabetic patients who have to take their medicine,” she added.

The application can also help bring light to dieting myths and solve age-old dieting conflicts like can a person who is dieting drink ‘Teh Tarik’ while trying to lose weight.

The mobile app is available for both Android and iOS.