Dr Lai Oi Ming (second left) with her team of researchers from Universiti Putra Malaysia.

Universiti Putra Malaysia’s (UPM) Prof Dr Lai Oi Ming was overjoyed when she welcomed the birth of her son five years ago.

But her happiness was short-lived when her newborn started suffering from severe eczema.

His condition got so bad to a point that he left traces of blood on their bed sheet and she would stay up all night just to stop him from scratching.

She barely slept and had to be selective with her food intake, fearing it could worsen her son’s eczema as she was still breastfeeding him.

But everything changed when the head researcher from Faculty of Biotechnology and Biomolecular consulted a dermatologist who told her there was no cure for eczema.

“The scientist in me had a hard time to accept it. This is the 21st century, there must be a way to tackle this disease,” Dr Lai told HE Today in a recent interview.

That was when she started to study about eczema and how it caused inflammation to the skin.

“Since eczema is an inflammatory skin condition, there should be a bio-active ingredient to lessen inflammation.

“So we did a survey of all the eczema creams in the market and found that 90% of them don’t have an active ingredient,” she explained.

With the help from her team of researchers, they came up with the creation of REMDII Sensitive.


REMDII Sensitive cream helps soothe and repair eczema.


Unlike typical eczema cream that only moisturises the epidermal layer which is the surface of the skin, REMDII Sensitive acts in a two-pronged manner.

“Not only does it moisturise the epidermal layer, it also soothes inflammation in the dermal layer which is underneath the epidermal and try to repair the skin from underneath,” she said.

The cream may help reduce irritation, inflammation and itchiness and repair skin condition.

Since its launch and distribution in June last year, REMDII Sensitive has received numerous positive feedbacks.

They have also produced a trial shower set under the same brand which includes a baby shampoo and a shower gel.

REMDII Sensitive, which can also be used by those suffering from psoriasis and burns, is currently sold at 22 clinics nationwide for RM150.

The REMDII shower set trial pack is also available for RM15 at selected clinics or contact the Malaysia Eczema Support Group on Facebook to make an order.